Annual Report

Your annual report must tell the story of growth, impact, and vision. Our comprehensive design and content services help you to craft an engaging and informative report that resonates with your stakeholders.

  1. Designs that showcase your brand identity
  2. Visuals that bring your story to life (data visualization, photography, illustrations)
  3. Content edited to convey key messages effectively

CSR Report

Businesses today are accountable for their social and environmental impact. Let us help you craft a compelling CSR report that showcases your commitment to sustainability and responsibility.


  1. Appealing layouts to highlight key metrics
  2. Data visualization for easy explanation 
  3. Storytelling content for a powerful narrative
  4. Clear and concise reporting that adheres to relevant standards (GRI, SASB)

Integrated Report Design

Our integrated report design and content services help you craft a powerful narrative that weaves together financial, social, and environmental performance to showcase a 360 degree enhancement


  1. Design for seamless integration of financial, social, and environmental data 
  2. Consistent brand identity across all sections
  3. Interactive elements can be added to enhance user engagement
  4. Clear & concise writing

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Benefits of Working With Us

High quality output in limited time

Our designers are able to create world-class quality in half the time usually needed with the use of software like Adobe Firefly.

Better flow of content & experience

We use tools like TailorBrands and Grammarly so that content is reader friendly, clean,  and accurate

Costs reduced by 20%

Using AI tools has helped us to reduce the time taken for report generation from 8 weeks to 4 weeks. We can transfer the cost benefits to you, our clients!


Share your requirements

Tell us what type of report you want and the assets (graphs, tables, sections, images, etc.) available with you

Set your budget

Cost of report generation depends on the number of pages you need, availability of images, creative requirements & timelines.

Wait For Your First Draft

Review the first 10 pages of your report to ensure that the design is aligned to your expectations. We share progress everyday for urgent reports. For all others, we share the progress every alternate day.

Prepare to share your report

Get your reports designed for digital & print within time, with 2 iterations done free of cost!



  • 24-100 pages
  • I have all the images needed for this report
  • Graphs from my document can be used as they are
  • Give it to me in 3-4 weeks


  • 24-100 pages
  • I need help sourcing stock images
  • Help me design great graphs
  • Give it to me in 3-4 weeks


  • 104-200 pages
  • I need help sourcing stock images
  • Help me design great graphs
  • I need it in 2 weeks
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